Ready, Action! Anatomy of an Action Figure Vol.1

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Ready, Action! Anatomy of an Action Figure Vol.1

Sebastian Andres Dominguez
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Ready, Action! Anatomy of an Action Figure Male Vol. 1©

Base Action Figure to give your dream project a jumpstart.


Please read the whole product description, especially the LICENSE, REFUND POLICY and ACTIVATION CODE. By using this product you are in agreement with everything written below.


Ready, Action! Anatomy of an Action Figure- Male© is a 3D File for any 3D software. With this file you can create any character that you envision. You can also modify the file to adapt it to your own project.

Supported Zbrush versions:

Zbrush 2021.7 Win / OSX (newer versions too).

Files Included:

- 2 action figure files each with different torso, shoulder and arm articulations (OBJ).

- 1 file with all pieces cataloged and ready for sculpting (ZTL).


Mass Production Ready: These 3D models are ready to be handed to a factory to be produced. Any clothing, accessories, armor, etc. sculpted on the character will work as long as the joints are not modified.

Joint Variation: Inside the files you will find 2 versions of arms and torsos to suit your preference. The arms and torsos are interchangeable.

Ultra Poseable: This buck file has been prepared to strike extreme and difficult poses.

Multiple Production Licenses: There are 3 different licenses for you to choose the one that fits your interests best.

Scalable: The file can be scaled to any size so it can be used with common scales like 1:18, 1:12, 1:10, and 1:4.


Many Hands, Many Faces: Between both files you will find 4 expressive sets of hands and 3 different heads.

Easy to Create Characters: The files are ordered logically making them easy to find for organic character creation.

3D OBJ File: Files that work outside of Zbrush for any non-Zbrush project.

Joint Pins: The Zbrush files contain pins for the joints in case you want to subtract them for production.

Pegless Joints: The joints come without peg heads, allowing any type of peg head to be added. Same case for ratcheting.

Pieces in Folders: The action figure parts are separated into folders inside the Zbrush file.

Optimized Files: Files have been optimized topologically so they are easy for most computers to handle.

… and much more.

LICENSE: There are 3 types, depending on the license, you can use the tool for unlimited commercial or noncommercial projects like games, movies, 3D prints, etc. You can sell physical 3D or 2D prints in online stores.

1- Educational License: This license allows you to use the file to learn how a finished figure looks when sent to a factory for production. You will also see how much detail is needed sculpting-wise for a figure to look good when produced. You can rotate the pieces to see how the parts move and work together to get outstanding range of movement. This is the perfect license for anyone who wants a peak into action figure making.

You can study or sculpt on top of this figure. You can print it and make tests. This license does not allow use for any commission or project outside of learning.

2- One Project License: This license is great for your dream figure where all your characters will share the same base body or for those who got a gig at toy making and need a base action figure file to save on sculpting time.

This license permits usage for ONE project only. A project can be a commission for a client or a run on Kickstarter for mass production. This license allows for 3D printing and physical selling with no limits on physical sales.

3- Limitless License: This license allows for infinite use of the files for as many projects as you need.

This license permits usage for INFINITE projects. A project can be a commission for a client or a run on Kickstarter for mass production. This license allows for 3D printing and physical selling with no limits on physical sales.

The following applies to all 3 licenses: You cannot resell, distribute, reward or gift digital 3D models created with the help of the files sold in this post on online marketplace stores, game assets stores, 3D print stores for digital models, other online stores for digital 3D models, Patreon, Kickstarter, or any other public or private chats, groups on any social media platforms or in any other way that implies the number of files purchased are less than the actual files in circulation. The file cannot be produced as purchased in any form (3D printing, casting, injection plastic, or any other form). Aesthetic changes like different skin anatomy, use of several items, armor or clothing, and different heads is required to use and produce these files if allowed by the license. If in doubt, email us at the support email address below. License is not transferable. The product should be purchased by the person who is going to work with the file. In the event that you want to produce your own figure that will be modified by another person, the license should be purchased for the other person.

THIS PRODUCT IS NONREFUNDABLE!!! You are buying a digital product which contains 3D files that you cannot physically give back to fairly receive a refund. This caution is being given to anybody who purchases the product and then asks for a refund for any reason. However, if you have any questions you can send a message to the support email address below and we will do everything reasonably within our power to help you.

SHARING THE SOURCE OF THE FILES: Sharing work goes a long way so we encourage everyone who uses our tools and files to share where they got the product so others can use it too. You will also feel super good about it, we promise!

PASSWORD: After you download the RAR you will need a password to access its contents. Simply send a message to the support email address down below with your invoice attached. It's important that this information is sent from the email address associated with the purchase of the file so we can corroborate that it is really you.

Support email: roundtable3dstudio@gmail.com


- These files are prepared for mass production in injection plastic. This means they are not optimized for 3D printing or resin casting. The files do not come with supports, drainage for resin, or proper orientation for 3D printing.

- Grip hands do not have the universal slot for items carved in to allow its proper implementation depending on the project.

- Negative space between pieces is added by the factory when preparing everything for tooling. If you print the files as they are now nothing will fit properly unless the pieces are sanded. The files are made this way to allow for scaling without any issue.

- We provide a base figure file for mass production. We are not responsible for how the file is used, produced, remixed, or for any event or product originated from this file by any person. Those who purchase these files are legally responsible for their actions and intentions with the files.

 You can hire me and my team to modify the action figure/create the characters you need for your project. Contact us at this email address: roundtable3dstudio@gmail.com

Hope you like it :)

- Latest Update: 1.0. Release of the figure.

- This agreement can be changed whenever to fit new circumstances. The files are copyrighted so please respect the licenses. The license may apply in a different way in special cases so if in doubt contact us.

- All files are copyrighted so respect the agreement.

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